The Vision for the Apostolic Crusaders in 2018

Apostolic Crusaders President Josh Wilson shares his vision for the students of the ALJC in 2018. While the focus will always be on Jesus, Souls, and Giving, this year students will be challenged to engage the world around them and proclaim #IAMAMISSIONARY.

We are The Crusaders.

Called, chosen and brought out. Sent into this world to be a Holy Nation, lives illuminated by the light and love of Jesus Christ. We come from different social backgrounds, countries, speak many languages, and experience different cultures. Our diversity does not divide us, however, but brings us together behind the power of One God who has a name above all others—Jesus Christ. He is our life source. He is our passion. He is our purpose, and He is our love. And we will do anything and everything to reach this world with that Love.

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