Talents 11: Unitas

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We are challenging every young person to expand their relationship with Christ through these five key disciplines throughout each week: Fasting, Bible Reading, Sharing the Gospel, Monetary Giving, and Daily Prayer. The potential is limitless when we focus our students from across the country. Please partner with us this year as we commit to amplify Christ.

Goals for Every Student

  • 100 Meals fasted in one year | 2 meals per week
  • 100 Chapters of the Bible read per year | 2 chapters read per week
  • 100 Testimonies/Share Christ | 2 testimonies per week
  • 100 Dollars given to Talents | $2 per week
  • 100 Minutes in prayer per week | 15 minutes per day = 91.25 hours in a year

Each student will receive a weekly tracking chart at this year’s NYC. Completion and signature of the Pastor will result in a certificate and free NYC 2011 Unitas T-Shirt. (Must be present at NYC 2011 and submit signed tracking chart in order to get T-Shirt.)

National Goal

We are targeting 200 churches with an average of 10 young people per church to be 100% committed. By doing this together we will nationaly acheive:200,000 meals fasted (66,666 days fasted)200,000 chapters read (168 times read the bible through)200,000 testimonies given/sharing Christ (potential of 200,000 added to church)$200,000 raised for Talents10,400,000 minutes in a year (173,333 prayer hours)Please visit: www.apostoliccrusaders.org for more information.

Personal Tracking Chart

Download the weekly personal tracking chart here.

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