The purpose of the Apostolics in Action program is to create internship opportunities with an ALJC appointed missionary for any Apostolic Crusader ages 18-40.

These internships provide an opportunity to those who may have already attended a short term AYC mission and are looking to possibly take the next step into missions. Each AIA opportunity has the potential to last 30 days or up to one year. All applicants must be approved by the world missionary and the World Missions Regional Director of the area where the internship will be taking place.

Basic Requirements
  1. Before you will be considered for an AIA Intern you will need to have attended one of our AYC International mission trips. If you have never attended one of our AYC mission trips but have been on another international mission with your church or another organization you may submit a brief description of the mission. Once the AIA director has received the summary he will reserve the right to allow the optional mission to be approved as a substitute for this requirement.
  2. You will have to attend our World Mission’s University. If you have questions about this requirement please feel free to speak with the AIA director.
The Process
  1. The AIA program is for individuals who are ages 18-40 years old. All internships will be with ALJC appointed missionaries only.
  2. The potential AIA intern will go to and fill out the AIA inquiry form to let the AIA director they are interested in becoming an intern for a particular country. The information on this form will include the intern’s name, what country they wish to intern within, how long they want to stay and the name and phone number of the potential intern’s pastor.
  3. The AIA director will contact the missionary where the intern desires to work to verify availability for the potential internship.
  4. Once the timeline has been verified with the missionary the AIA director will call the potential interns pastor for a short 5 minute phone interview. All information shared in the phone conversation will remain anonymous. The following questions will be asked.
    • Is the applicant faithful to all church services?
    • Has the applicant spoken to you about participating as an AAI intern?
    • Is the applicant living a separate and Holy Life according the Bible and pastoral standards?
    • Does the applicant return their tithe to the local church?
    • Do you believe the applicant will be beneficial to the missionaries in the perspective field?
    • Do you have any reason why the individual should not be an intern under the AIA program?
    • Does the applicant do well with correction and direction?
    • How long do you approve the applicant to be gone for the internship?
    • Is there any additional information you think we need to know about the applicant before we approve him/her?
    • Do you approve the applicant to be an AIA intern in our program?
  5. Once the pastor has approved the applicant to be a part of the AIA program our AIA director will call the regional field supervisor to make sure the field supervisor approves the internship.
  6. After the regional field supervisor approves the internship the AIA director will email the missionaries to gather the following information.
    • Verify the length of the internship with the missionary.
    • Get a monthly budget for the intern
    • Obtain a broad itinerary of what the intern will be doing while in the county.
    • What are the expectations of the intern upon arrival?
    • What will be some of the duties of the intern when they arrive?
  7. Once the details are verified by the host missionary the AIA director will email the information to the applicant, the applicant’s pastor and the regional field supervisor of the area.
  8. Once the applicant receives the details of the mission he/she will need to fill out an online application. The application will have the following information on it.
    • Name as it appears or will appear on the applicants passport
    • Date of Birth
    • How long the intern will last
    • What ministries are you involved in at your local church?
    • Do you play any musical instruments?
    • Are you currently involved in reaching the lost at your local church?
    • Budget and information on how the applicant plans to raise funds
    • Short essay on why the applicant has chosen to intern in our AIA program.
    • List of medical issues and insurance information
    • Waiver releasing the ALJC from any liability should something happen during an AIA internship.
    • Are there any visa requirements for the country the applicant desires to attend?
    • What is your emergency plan of exit from the country should you need to come home for some unseen reason?
  9. Once the AIA director verifies all information with the Missionary, the applicant’s pastor and the regional director he will need to contact the applicant and let him/her know he/she has been approved.
  10. Once the applicant has been notified of his/her approval he/she can officially begin to raise funds for the internship.
  11. The approved applicant will be responsible for the ordering of their own tickets and Visas should the country require them. Once the airline tickets have been ordered the applicant will need to email them to the AIA director and to the world missionary. If assistance obtaining a Visa is needed the host missionary or the AIA director can assist in information only. The world mission’s department and the youth department will not offer any financial assistance.
  12. The intern will need to verify the address of where they will staying while interning. This information is required to clear customs and immigration upon arrival into the county where the internship will be taking place.
  13. Once the intern is abroad a weekly email to AIA director is requested. The following information will need to be included in the weekly tag-in.
    • Is the itinerary and purpose of the internship being fulfilled?
    • Are you able to stick to your budget?
    • Are you having any struggles that you need our help with?
    • What is something God has done for you or spoken to you this week?
    • Are you able to communicate well with the missionaries?
    • Is there anything the Crusaders department can do for you?
  14. Once the internship is over and the intern is back home we ask that the intern please provide a written summary about the internship so we can share it in the Witness, online magazine, social media and other outlets that we choose.
  15. If you want to spend more time on the field as an intern any extension must be cleared by your pastor, the regional field supervisor, the host missionary and the AIA director. The process to extend your stay will be the following.
    • You feel the Lord move upon your heart to stay in the country longer.
    • You call your pastor about it and discuss it with him.
    • If your pastor gives the go ahead you will then speak to the missionary about it.
    • The missionary will then call the AIA director about the extension for you.
    • The Regional Field Supervisor and the AIA director will either grant or deny the extension.
    • If funds are not available please do not attempt to extend your stay. We do not want to be a financial burden to our missionaries.
Things to Consider
  1. While interning the missionary always has the last word no matter what.
  2. Dating while interning is strictly prohibited. If you desire to talk with someone on a relational level you must wait until the internship is complete and you must gain the approval to pursue this relationship by the host missionary and your pastor. If they do not approve then the issue is settled and no more communication with the individual is to take place.
  3. Fundraising will be done on your own. Please have a discussion about fundraising with your pastor before you begin to ask church members for any funds for your internship. Once you get your fundraising plan written please get it approved by your pastor.
  4. While you are interning with the missionaries please be mindful of all your social media posts. In some cases the missionaries may live in very sensitive areas and may not want everyone to know where they are located. Please get their clearance before you share anything on social media.
  5. Concerning social media post while abroad please be mindful you are on a mission trip. We understand you are going to explore and see the historical sights while abroad. Just be cognizant of why you are on the mission and who helped you fund the mission. In times past the comment has been made, “I did not know I was sending them on a vacation.” By all means post while on your trip just be sure to share more about prayer meetings, church services and the great things God is doing while on your mission’s internship.
  6. Before you go on your internship please ask the missionaries about their Holiness standard they have in their country. Always be respectful and align your life with the principles they teach in their country. Should there be any differences please discuss them with your pastor before you go. We want to avoid any intern getting on the field and having some conflict with a missionary on what to wear or what is to be expected of them when it comes to Holiness.

Before you leave please have an emergency exit plan in place and also note if you are on the field and the missionary is not able to work with you, you will be asked to return back to the USA at your expense. We do not foresee this happening however we wanted to make you well aware of it.