Conference Calls

Communication is very important to the leadership of the Apostolic Crusaders. In order to keep our vision alive and unified with our Youth Presidents, district sectional leaders, youth pastors and youth workers, the Crusaders will host monthly conference calls. The first conference call is open to everyone in youth/student leadership—we want every youth pastor or youth worker to attend this call. Our General Youth President, Josh Wilson, will open with prayer and a short tag in about upcoming events. Then a guest youth worker will address everyone for ~10 minutes. The remainder of the call will be to answer questions that are emailed in prior to the call, before closing with prayer.

The second call is for all ALJC Youth Presidents and Youth Secretaries. This call will last for 25 minutes and will use a similar criterion as the aforementioned conference call. Please check the events calendar for a schedule of all conference calls.

National Youth Convention

We ask that every District Youth President attend National Youth Convention each year. Not only is NYC an important time of empowerment and spiritual development for our students, but organizationally, NYC is when we hold important meetings and planning sessions that impact your districts. Help us progress the Crusaders by faithfully attending Convention.

Camp Meetings & Retreats

The leadership of the Apostolic Crusaders puts great emphasis on our summer camp meetings and winter/spring retreats. We believe these annual events play an important role in the spiritual development of every student’s life. There are tremendous benefits in bringing every youth group to these events each year. In fact, we believe these events are so important we have appointed a Camp Meeting/Retreat coordinator at the national level to help promote these events. Devin Akers from Butner, NC will serve in this capacity.

We ask every Youth President to communicate with Devin so he can get your event, location of each event, and dates added to our online events calendar. In return, we ask every District Youth President to promote our National Youth Convention, Overflow Offering, and our AYC Missions at every Camp Meeting and Retreat.